The Art of Planting Seeds


I’m exactly one month away from my 25th birthday. Many of the seeds that I planted in my adolescence and early twenties are beginning to bear fruit. Some of these fruits are delicate, delightful and taste like freedom. Others are so bitter I know that they must deadly. With this in mind, I’m being very intentional and deliberate about the five year goals that I set for myself today because I am more or less living the dreams that I had for myself at 20. Or I should say, I’m living those dreams and the limitations of my own imagination about what my life could look like. At 20 my ambitions were entirely focused on my future career. I didn’t give a single thought to crafting long term goals for other areas of my life like relationships or health. I know now that there is so much more to life than work. There’s work to do regarding how I show up to life, how I present myself, when and how I advocate for myself and causes I care about. A recent brush with health complications have also aided in re-shifting of priorities for me.

So here it is, the things I want to accomplish and be when I hit 30:

  1. I want to be physically and mentally healthy. This means actually using my gym membership, biking, jogging to get 30 minutes of exercise a day. This means restarting therapy again and finally coming to terms with past traumas and healthfully navigate continued bouts of depression and anxiety.
  2. I want to have a rich an thriving spiritual life. This means continued volunteering and integration into my People of Color sangha at the East Bay Meditation Center. I would live to annually go on retreats, specifically the People of Color Retreat at Spirit Rock. This also means delving more into the Dharma teaching independently and making more sense of the scriptures.
  3. I want to live and speak my truth. This means to more cowering away from difficult truths and conversations. This means sharing my thoughts and authentic self with others, despite the gut wrenching vulnerability.
  4. I want at least 5 more stamps in my passport. Right now there’s only 1 stamp from my 2013 trip to Haiti. Japan, South Africa, Ghana, Thailand, England, Cuba and Brazil are all on my list of places to visit.
  5. I want to be a founder. I have a vision for a non profit that acts as a community building resource for queers and trans people of color all around the world. I want to make it a reality by 30.