The Birth of a Blog

I decided to start this blog in the hopes of shedding light on what it’s like to be in tech as a young, introverted, queer, black, agender person living in the Bay who just so happens to be Buddhist and dedicated to doing some good in this world. In short, I intend to use this space to share my life. So you see friends, we’re already off to rocky start. Sharing makes me more than a little uncomfortable. As I write this sentence my index finger is itching to press backspace and give this whole thing up.

This is going to be hard.

Because this blog is an undertaking to be open, vulnerable and brave. Virtues I don’t normally associate with myself. I’m an immensely private person who has a great big insurmountable fear of failure and a knack for inaction that’ll Homer Simpson look like Beyonce.

This is going to be tough.

But not impossible. As long as I have compassion and patience with myself -this can be done.

Because, I said so and because I will it.